Dedicated teaching professionals

Our Tennis Pros

Whether you are picking up a racquet for the first time, or a seasoned competitor,
Kiwi Tennis Club has the right professional instructor.
Joe Romanelli
Joe Romanelli
Tennis Pro & Facilities Manager
Joe has been USPTR certified since 2006.  He started his teaching career at the world-class...
Joey Jones
Joey Jones
Director of Tennis
Joey is the Kiwi Tennis Club head tennis professional.  He played Division 1 college at Stetson...
Ruben VanOppen
Ruben VanOppen
Tennis Pro
Ruben is originally from Belgium where he grew up playing competitive junior tennis, reaching as...
Subcontractor’s Name Email Address Phone Number
Pro Rick Boysen 321.773.2116
Pro Mimi Wright 321.205.7689
Pro Tomas Karlsson 321.773.2116
Pro Artie Yentumi 314.686.3835
Pro Nate Dickens 323.943.8434
Pro Dane Chuntraruck 321.616.9648

There are tennis pros who can play and those who can teach, but a select few possess both skills and combine them with a contagious passion for the sport. Our diverse group of tennis pros offers different teaching styles for players to choose from. 

Please contact one of our elite Kiwi tennis pros to schedule a lesson, or email our Tennis Director at