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Start Kids Early at Kiwi!

Children as young as three can begin to experience the sport.  Our primary focus is building the fundamentals in a climate of positive coaching.  As the student develops their game and grows through the program, each step will help them become better players and people.  With a strong emphasis on fitness and mental discipline, we have seen our students accomplish great things on and off the court.

Please look at the information flyers to the left for more details on the days and times of junior programs.  Click on each image for a larger view.  

K.T.A. Junior Elite

The Kiwi Tennis Academy is an invitation-only junior program that trains elite players to maximize their growth as competitive players. We have juniors ranging from ages nine to nineteen who come from all over the county to work together toward achieving their goals. 


Kiwi’s Tennis Academy 2023 / 2024 Schedule

  • FALL SEASON:  August 14 – December 22
  • SPRING SEASON:  January 8 – May 24